Language and Social Skill Assessment

A.B.L.L.S ( The Assessment of Basic language and Learning Skills )

The ABLLS -R protocol is an assessment and skill tracking system for children with language and social skill deficiency.

Why is language and social skills assessment important for Autism Intervention ?

It helps the parents and educators in identifying specific skills that should be the focus of intervention for a child with language  delays. Most of the kids with symptoms of  Autism have an uneven skill level. They may be very good in one skill area but struggling to cope in another . An assessment of language , social skills , motor and other abilities helps the parents to choose the right area of focus without wasting time , which is a crucial factor in intervention programs.

ABLLS  assesses  a child in the  areas of early learning skills, academic , self-help skills, motor skills.


  • Cooperation and compliance with others
  • Visual task related skills (with Learning Material)
  • Understanding  and following of language
  • Imitate others
  • Can ask for things and activities
  • Labeling
  • Intraverbals
  • Spontaneous Vocalization
  • Play and Leisure time skill
  • Social interaction
  • Group interaction
  • Follow classroom routine
  • Generalized response


  • Reading skills
  • Math and number
  • Writing skills
  • Spelling


  • Dressing skill
  • Eating skill
  • Grooming skills
  • Toileting skills

MOTOR(physical activity) SKILLS ASSESSMENT

  • Gross Motor skills
  • Fine Motor skills

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